AA Chapter 3

AA Ch 3 Daily Notes

AA Ch 3 Reference Guide

3.1.1  Simplifying Exponential Expressions

3.1.2  Zero and Negative Exponents

3.1.2 Exponent Practice worksheet #1

3.2.1  Equations and Algebra Tiles

3.2.2  Exploring an Area Model

3.2.3  Multiplying Binomials and the Distributive Property

3.2.4  Using Generic Rectangles to Multiply

3.3.1  Solving Equations with Multiplication and Absolute Value

3.3.1A Solving Equations with Multiplying worksheet

3.3.1B Solving Equations with Absolute Value worksheet

3.3.2  Working with Multi-Variable Equations

3.3.3  Summary of Solving Equations

3.3.3  Summary of Equations worksheet

AA Ch 3 Closure